The distance education platform USTO

Welcome to the distance education platform of the University of Science and Technology of Oran - Mohamed Boudiaf - which was created specifically to serve our esteemed teachers and our dear students.

The goal of creating this platform is the initialization of an interactive and instant space with the aim of advancing e-learning in our university through modern electronic portals.

The platform has been designed and adjusted based on the famous “Moodle” system in order to ensure maximum security and information integrity in the dissemination of theoretical and practical lessons from the various organizational structures concerned and the various branches open in its various fields. according to the following:

Each teacher has the possibility of having an account on the platform allowing him to interact with his students within the limits of the authorizations assigned to him for his position, including the organization of student groups as well as the creation and follow-up of lessons in terms of coaching, application, discussion and support through the forums service integrated into the “Moodle” system.

The "Moodle" system is able to facilitate the teacher's mission and establish close communication links through educational sessions full of perseverance and discipline,

Students have the opportunity to ask their questions, present their suggestions and exchange their opinions and experiences via the open forums as part of the courses distributed on this electronic platform in accordance with the teaching plans pre-established by the teacher responsible for the subject and each forum. should be supervised and managed by the teacher concerned pedagogically,

The teacher can concretize his role through this platform by following his students, advising them, guiding them and supporting them theoretically and practically by opening an eye on their individual work and their training courses programmed by the university,

The teacher can set up a complete teaching environment with the following options:

Immediate and complete presence linked to daily lessons

Relative presence linked to certain remedial lessons.

Distance learning linked to a specific training course or part of a specific subject.

The electronic platform can establish a collective and collaborative working environment related to the creation and supervision of a group work project and periodic communication between members of the scientific research cells of the university.